Guest Information


This podcast is about business conversations over coffee. That means we’re going to have comfortable and not so comfortable conversations about business. I love hearing the stories of our guests. Whether it’s a rags to riches or riches to rags story, I’m asking you to be as transparent as you would like. We’re going to talk about the successes and failures of those stories on this journey called business.

I also like to cross over to the personal side of things because the reason we do business is to support our families and personal life. I don’t see them as separate. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and employees struggle to keep it all in balance. I meet business people all the time who I admire for their strength and how they keep on keeping on through the peaks and valleys that every business has.

Your interview will be published on and promoted on social media. I want this podcast to be mutually beneficial to you and to PFB, and to promote your business through the show. If you’d like to offer a discount, service or product to our listeners, we would welcome that.

I strive to produce a show that flows smoothly, so the interview will be carefully edited before it airs. Don’t let bloopers get you flustered, they won’t be aired if they’re distracting.

Speaking of editing, we have a few “please don’t go there” rules:

  • No profanity. This is a clean show. If it slips out, it will be cut out.
  • No politics. With a diverse audience, that won’t go anywhere good.
  • If you want to discuss religion, please do so in the context of “my faith”, “my beliefs”, “my higher authority”, etc.

I look forward to our “business conversations over coffee!”

Please fill out our guest information form. Thank you!

– Diane